The way of Truth and Love

the yoga of the soul

The goal of Atma Yoga is the non identification with the body or the mind because this cloud the original soul nature or jiva from fulfilling its life purpose.

That is : becoming one with the Self (ATMAN). And to become a pure servant for the Atman. Atma Yoga is a contemplative, gentle, yet dynamic approach to the powerful intimacy of yoga. Created from compassionate self awareness, inner stillness, and core strength, the practice is a path returning to the true Self. The aim of Atma yoga is to enable the individual who undertakes it the attainment of a conscious identity with the Divine, the true Self, and to transform the mind, and the body so they would become fit instruments for a divine life on Earth. 

"Atma Vidya or Knowledge of the Self will dawn in you through Atma Yoga. The great sages lay great emphasis on Ethics and Self-surrender. Ethics are the basis of spiritual life. Without ethics, yoga is menanigless. Self-surrender, to the Lord, assure you that the Lord in His Infinite Mercy saves you, uplifts you and leads you to Himself. He reveals Himself to you. This is Atma-Yoga." (Swami Sivananda)


"Sarasvati’s science of the soul depicts a variety of subtle substances, light and vital principles which allow for the embodiment of the Jivatma and the circulation of consciousness within the inner cosmos. In this teaching, consciousness and life originate within-without from a zero point, rooted into Brahman and subtle Prakriti within the mysterious Bliss Sheath of the heart center."(Swami Yogeshwaranand Saraswati)

" Atma yoga means... to live in the consciousness of the Atman is to live in the calm unity and peace that is above things and separate from the world even when pervading it. But for the psychic consciousness there are two things, the world and itself acting in the world. The Jivatman has not come down into the world, it stands above, always the same supporting the different beings, mental, etc., which act here. The psychic is what has come down here - its function is to offer all things to the Divine for transformation...

The true being may be realised in one or both of two aspects - the Self or Atman and the soul or Antaratman, psychic being, Chaitya Purusha. The difference is that one is felt as universal, the other as individual supporting the mind, life and body. When one first realises the Atman one feels it separate from all things, existing in itself and detached, and it is to this realisation that the image of the dry coconut fruit may apply. When one realises the psychic being, it is not like that; for this brings the sense of union with the Divine and dependence upon It and sole consecration to the Divine alone and the power to change the nature and discover the true mental, the true vital, the true physical being in oneself. Both realisations are necessary for this yoga. The “I” or the little ego is constituted by Nature and is at once a mental, vital and physical formation meant to aid in centralising and individualising the outer consciousness and action. When the true being is discovered, the utility of the ego is over and this formation has to disappear - the true being is felt in its place." (Sri Aurobindo)